Important Links

IRS Website

The main website for all things IRS. This website is a great place to find publications, forms, and information relating to federal tax issues.

IRS Information for Charities and
Other Non-Profits

This website provides information relating to federal issues for not for profit entities.

IRS Exempt Organization Search Tool

This is where you can go to verify whether or not the not for profit organization donation is tax deductible.

Where’s My Refund?

This is the link to the IRS website where you can track your refund.

EFTPS – The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

The link to make federal tax payments.

State of Alaska Business Website

This link provides the State of Alaska website that holds information that includes (but is not limited to) starting businesses and employer information.

State of Alaska Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing

This is where you can locate forms, and information relating to business, corporation, and professional licensing.